Saints Row IV Powers List & Guide

There are a ton of different things between Saints Row IV and the Third. So much so its pretty crazy. Yea, the majority of the combat going on is pretty similar with specific weapons, and driving around like a crazy person wreaking havoc is always fun. Still, with all of the newer guns found in the game and the cool new powers that you have to play with, there’s actually quite a bit of stuff you can do in this game that you couldn’t before.

What? Powers? Yes, I said powers…as in super powers! That’s exactly what we’re going to be covering here. Take down all of those aliens and have a blast doing it. Let’s take a look:

Death From Above

After your character gets the ability to super jump you’ll be able to launch yourself up into the air while using an ability in the air to launch yourself towards enemies. With this also comes an awesome diving attack that will take down a nice group of aliens really quickly.

With Death From Above all that you need to do is focus on the spot that you want to land and use your attack. You’ll push yourself down towards the designated area and shatter the ground beneath your feet. Any characters or vehicles nearby will end up flying away from you when you land. You can use this for a surprise attack on a group of aliens protecting an entrance to somewhere, or if you want to drop a group of annoying cops in a hurry.

Super Speed

After about an hour or so of playing you’ll get super speed. This gives you a nice way to get everywhere in the city very quickly. It can also be used to go on the offensive if you’re using it correctly, though. You see, when you activate this ability a lot of random stuff will end up flying out of your way. Pesky aliens, random people on the street, and even some vehicles. Very useful to quickly get through a large group of foes, or if you need to empty an alien checkpoint.

What’s great is that you can use grapple attacks together with your super speed. By launching yourself towards an enemy and doing a finishing move you can make quite the messy blood-covered area. If you’re trying to save on ammo this is great one to always be using.


Want to drop the best curb stomp on the planet? This is the ability for you. When you Stomp you end up releasing a powerful wave of seismic activity, sending everything nearby flying. Works well if you find yourself enclosed by enemies, or if you enjoy watching vehicles go flying into aliens. This is a great one for really big groups of enemies, and it works well to stun the bigger guys you encounter.

There are 3 kinds of Stomps to unlock in the game:

  • Shrink – Make everything tiny
  • Rock – Send rocks all over the place
  • Gravity – Launch everything higher and higher into the air

Regardless of which type you end up using, you’ll be extremely amused. You’ll also kick some alien butt.


Blast can work in 1 of 3 different ways. First you’ll end up unlocking ice blast. This blast allows you to fire cold at all of your enemies. It works very well when it comes to any vehicles up in the air (like fast alien bikes). Next you get fire, and that works just as well, but obviously you shoot flames instead of cold. Its great for blowing vehicles up. Lastly, you have the glitch blast. This ends up freezing your foes inside of the “program” and will remove them from all of existence. Pretty fun to watch.

Force Field

You don’t get Force Field until a bit later on in the game, but its a nice one to have. This is a great defensive ability, and works very well when you need to block projectiles and other kinds of incoming fire streaking toward you. Helps to keep you in good health, and its always fun to watch a ton of stuff bounce off of it. The only thing better would be impenetrable skin, but hey, you take what you can get. ;)


Telekinesis comes to you in 2-3 hours of play, and you can start by being able to toss random things (and people!) around. You’ll then develop newer things to go along with this, which include giving things charges with some lightning to make them blow up. You can also sap people’s energy away from them. Pretty useful.

Buff Your Powers

Just a final note here for you. You want to make sure to buff your super powers so that they’re as strong as they can be when you use them. In order to get them this boost, all you need to do is go around the world and grab any blue energy clusters you find (they glow). The more of these little clusters you manage to find the better you’re going to be.