Sunset Overdrive Character Creation & Customization

Sunset Overdrive Character Creation & CustomizationThe character creation & customization process within Sunset Overdrive is setup to offer players options that go into the thousands. They do this by allowing you to use a great variety of hair styles and pieces of clothing to allow you to be who you think you would be if the world were at an end. Its an intriguing concept, and it’ll certainly pull in those who are addicted to creating cool looks with the characters they play in video games.

Insomniac Games has said that they were trying to hit a very specific feeling within the game, and it seems they’ve nailed it. They didn’t throw in every single idea, of course, and have kept out plenty of things that some might think were too bizarre. Going by what they left in, it really makes you wonder what they consider too “out there.”

Within the game you enter a world where nobody actually cares much about anything. This is because players step into a crazy city where the planet is just about done for, and everyone is obsessed with an energy drink. This is a drink that makes individuals become funky creatures, leaving those who haven’t partaken of this specific energy drink to take them out.

Create the Character You Want to Be

Players now have the ability to construct their very own hero with the game being out for almost a month. You’re free to customize your avatar’s appearance to tailor how you believe you’d dress in this sort of world. Choices are broken down into almost a dozen types: headwear and other things of that nature (want some horns?), hair, facial hair, tops, coats, gloves, trousers, shoes, and tats for each area of the body.

This was important to the team at Insomniac Games, though they discarded some of the smaller detail options they thought of. It would seem they wanted to focus on the larger items that had more of an impression. What’s cool is that the game is in the 3rd person so you’re always going to be able to see what it is that you’ve picked out.

Customize With “Buckets”

All the options are placed into categories known as “buckets.” There are a wide variety of buckets such as street buckets, mainstream buckets, costume buckets, and so much more. Each one has a variety of further fashion options available. While your costume buckets might be more Halloween-esque in nature, a lot of the others are things you might see in a variety of cultures.

The street based costume buckets are pretty involved and seem to incorporate a bit of fashion from all over: American, European, Tokyo, punk rock, and plenty of others. Its not at all specific to the U.S. Plenty of variety in here, so there’s really something for everyone’s taste.

Its interesting how they came to this point. Apparently the creative directors for the game started this whole thing by dumping a bunch of toys on people’s desks and telling them to make them an option that looked similar to these toys in the game. You really can design a character to be who you’d want to be without worrying about stats. This is because there are no stats tied to clothing options to allow people to dress the way they’d prefer.

Unisex Costumes

Every costume within the game is made to be unisex. It’s possible for you to place any piece of clothing on female and male avatars. Every component you pick from to put on a male avatar can go onto a female avatar; everything is up for grabs thanks to a bit of scripting from the developers. What this means is that everything looks just fine on every type of character without any sort of clipping or graphical issues.

There is certainly no censoring of fashion when it comes to Sunset Drive’s character customization and creation process. There is nothing to restrain your creative process so you can play the person you want to play while you’re running about within the game. It definitely kicks off the game in a fun way, that’s for sure. If you’re looking for more info on the game, be sure to check out the factions within Sunset Drive to get a good idea of what to expect while playing.